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Character Name: Helen A.
Series: Doctor Who (classic series)
Age: Approaching her sixties. Probably.
From When?: The end of the series, right after her crushing defeat at the hands of the Doctor, Ace and the Pipe People
Inmate/Warden: Inmate!
[Choose one and say why they're this way. Wardens--Why does the Admiral think your character would be useful as a warden here? What do they bring to the table? Regardless of their good/evil/neutral motiviations, do they have the capacity to help an inmate achieve graduation? Inmates--What does your character still need to change about themselves? How can working with a warden on the Barge help them?]

Item: [Wardens Only -- What Gives you Your Information While Here? Examples -- a compass, a book, a palm pilot, a tarot card, etc.]

Abilities/Powers: Baseline human. No badass training, no powers. She's a straight-up middle-aged human lady. All she has is her charisma and her iron will.

*the perfect blend of cold cynicism and genuine philanthropy. even her better impulses are ruthlessly bent to the service of her ambition
*ruthless, manipulative and ambitious
*iron will
*utterly, thoroughly convinced that she knows what's best for you
*there's a finely-disguised subtlety to her over-the-top public image. She can't be unaware that she's essentially a parody. Note that the episode only covers Helen at the peak of her rise to power; there's no backstory for how she got there but she HAS to have been an extremely capable politician and manipulator to have succeeded.
*almost unshakeable tunnel vision

[Please write at least 5 solid paragraphs. The more depth and detail, the better! Keep in mind that other players will use this section to determine if your character is a good match for potential Warden/Inmate pairings, and this may be their first exposure to your character.

Barge Reactions:
Helen is going to love the Barge; she'll see it as a new proto-Empire that only needs a firm hand (hers) and the right attitude (also hers) to lick it into shape. She'll put in the groundwork to be genuinely helpful. She sincerely wants everyone to be happy; she believes, even more sincerely, that it's her right to decide how that should happen, because she's patently better at it than everyone else.

Path to Redemption:
Helen needs to face up to the fact that no, her previous actions were not about happiness or the greater good at all; they were purely and simply about power and control. She needs to truly accept in her heart of hearts that she is not entitled to control anyone's reactions and decisions but her own. She began, dimly, to understand in canon that sadness is an inescapable component of the human experience; but that taught her nothing about the right of sentient beings to control their own destiny. It only taught her that she needs to make a better job of her next totalitarian regime.

Right now, she's incapable of seeing other people as anything but tools to her ends or opposition to be eliminated or subverted. The only living being she's ever cared about was her pet, which by its very nature was an obedient agent of Helen's will.


Sample Journal Entry: [5-10 sentences (of spoken/written monologue, not including narration) 1st Person POV. This sample should reflect the character's day-to-day behavior and a distinctive voice. Must be Barge setting specific.]
Sample RP: [3-5 paragraphs, 3rd Person POV. Must be Barge setting specific.]

Special Notes:
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